James Hackett

Savannah State University lecturer in philosophy J. Edward Hackett will speak on “Metaphysics and Radical Empiricism in William James: Setting Up a Pluralistic Principle of Toleration” in 115 Peabody Hall on Friday, February 8 at 3:30pm as part of the Scott & Heather Kleiner Lecture Series. Hackett is a philosopher of phenomenology, pragmatism, and ethical theory who teaches and writes on 19th & 20th century Continental and American philosophy, political philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy, among other topics.

Hackett’s work covers thinkers including William James, Max Scheler, and Martin Luther King, Jr. He has published a long list of scholarly articles and has written or edited several books. He also publishes in non-academic outlets addressing contemporary socio-political and popular cultural issues from a philosophical perspective.

This lecture is a defense of religious toleration in the context of William James’ theory of radical empiricism. It will include an exploration of the meaning of “metaphysics” and the understanding of pragmatism. An informal reception will follow the talk




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Wednesday, January 30, 2019 - 2:59pm