We are proud to announce the 2017 recipients of the Horace B. Russell Prize, the Frank Harrison III Scholarship, the Daniel Hart Memorial Scholarship, and the Richard H. Severens Scholarship. Congratulations to the students recognized below on these well-deserved awards!

Matthew Schramm awarded the Frank Harrison III Scholarship and the Richard H. Severens Scholarship

“As a double major in philosophy and religion, I have been privileged to experience two closely related but very distinct disciplines here at the University of Georgia," writes Matthew. "The complementary nature of both majors has deeply enriched my understanding of the interplay between popular religious thought and the western philosophical tradition. After graduation, I intend to pursue entrance into Catholic seminary under the Personal Ordinariate of St. Peter, and continue my study of religious philosophy both theoretically and as it is practically expressed in the lives of religious adherents.”

Horace B. Russell Prize has been awarded to Samuel Driggers

“I am extremely excited to have won this award, and it means a lot that the faculty of the UGA Department of Philosophy thinks so highly of my work," says Sam. "I will have to thank Dr. Fahmy for her help in this paper and for her fantastic Intro to Ethics course! I am a freshman from St. Simons Island, Georgia, who is majoring in International Affairs while simultaneously completing a Master’s in Public Administration through the Honors Program’s dual BA/MA program. I am primarily interested in working in the public sector, but I am still quite unsure of where I may end up. Currently, I am looking toward careers in intelligence and diplomacy, but I have also considered careers in academia, law, and the aid sector. Regardless of where I begin working upon graduation, a background in ethics and philosophy would be invaluable. To account for this, I am currently exploring courses, degrees, and minors within the Department of Philosophy.”

The 2017 Daniel Hart Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Frederick King

“I am a double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy with an interest in the intersectionality between mental pathology and philosophy," states Frederick. "I am a proud sibling of the Phi Kappa Literary Society and can be found in the Main Library at any time of day (or night) reading a philosophical text (preferably Aristotle or Hegel) or debating with anyone of my siblings. I plan to pursue a career in Law, hopefully right across the way at UGA Law, with an interest in exploring the connection between mental healthcare law and ethics.”