Interim Head -- philosophy of mind, philosophy of technology
Undergraduate Coordinator -- history of philosophy, ethics, political philosophy
Graduate Coordinator, Ethics & the Environment editor -- environmental philosophy, history of ideas, moral and political philosophy
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor for Philosophy--Epistemology, Cognitive Science, Environmental Ethics
Professor -- Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Logic, Philosophy of Language
Associate Professor -- Philosophy & Literature, Philosophy & Mathematics, Philosophy & Physics
Associate Professor -- Continental Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, Medieval Mysticism, Neoplatonism
Professor -- Feminist, Postcolonial, & Environmental Philosophy
Associate Professor -- Kantian Ethics, Biomedical Ethics
Distinguished Research Professor, Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor -- Ancient Philosophy, German Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Metaphysics
Associate Professor -- Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception
Part-Time Instructor
Assistant Professor -- Classical Chinese Philosophy, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
Distinguished Research Professor--Logic, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Nature, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics, Aesthetics, Hegel