The Philosophy Department is a member of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia. In addition to a full undergraduate program leading to an A.B., we offer both a terminal M.A. and Ph.D. The Philosophy Department has a full-time faculty of 15 and a current graduate student enrollment of 48.

Our pluralistic department has strengths in many areas, including aesthetics, history of philosophy, ethics, social and political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of mind, phenomenology and feminist philosophy, with notable initiatives in Metaphysics and Environmental Philosophy. All of the major philosophical approaches, including analytic, continental, and historical approaches are represented by individual faculty members. The Philosophy Department participates in three interdisciplinary programs including the Environmental Ethics Certificate ProgramThe Institute for Women's Studies, and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The department is also home to the academic journal, Ethics & the Environment (edited by department head, Victoria Davion), and conducts an active colloquium series.

Areas of focus:

  • Metaphysics - Metaphysics investigates the most general sorts of issues about the nature of reality. What are space and time? What is being? Are there universals as well as particulars? Is the mental something over and above the physical? Do we have free will? Is free will possible in a deterministic world? Departmental faculty who are currently working and publishing in this area include Yuri Balashov and Charles Cross in analytic metaphysics; O. Bradley  Bassler, Edward Halper,  and Elizabeth Brient in history of metaphysics; and Richard Winfield in neo-Hegelian systematic metaphysics.  

Philosophy Listserv

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