Third Annual UGA-Graduate Philosophy Conference

Events will be held at Peabody Hall unless otherwise noted


Friday, March 22nd:

2:30 pm - Room 205s
Eric Mack: Logic, Reliability and Phenotypic Chauvinism
- Commentator: James Grindeland
Burkay Ozturk: A New A Priori Argument for Atheism
- Commentator: Luke Johnson

3:30pm - Room 115
Beth Preston (UGA): Title forthcoming

Saturday, March 23rd:

Chris Byron: The Normative Force behind Marx’s Theory of Alienation
- Commentator: Nathan Wood
Ryan Hubbard: Explaining Moral Normativity, Moral Criticism and the Wrong Kind of Reasons
- Commentator: Becky Neher

Adam Hamilton: Norm Expressivistic Analysis and the Milgram Experiment
- Commentator: Michael Yudanin
Andreas Falke: Why Spooky Action at a Distance Isn’t Spooky
- Commentator: Charles Hollingsworth

Ben Guido: Intentionality and Demonstrative Reference
- Commentator: Sean Mesler

Lunch: Noon-2:15
- Transmetropolitan Downtown Athens

Chuck Goldhaber: An Account of Practical Wisdom Needs an Account of Intuitive Intelligence
- Commentator: Robert Scott
Tobias Wilsch: Tensed Facts or Tensed Instantiation
- Commentator: Brad Patty

L.A. Paul (UNC-Chapel Hill): "Experience and the direction of time"

Dinner: 6:30….
- Taste of India Downtown Athens