Tom Wartenberg
Peabody Hall, Room 115

This Department of Philosophy event is supported by Scott & Heather Kleiner and the Office of Service Learning.

This workshop will demonstrate how to get elementary school children to have philosophy discussions. Wartenberg will read a picture book to the participants and then facilitate a philosophical discussion of some of the issues raised by the book. Participants will gain an understanding of the methods used when working with young children.

Number of participants is limited. Click here for more information and to register.

Thomas Wartenberg, Professor Emeritus in Philosphy at Mount Holyoke College of Massachusetts, will be visiting UGA from Feb 10-15. Wartenberg works at the intersection of philosophy and popular culture and is considered one of the leading people in the US working on teaching philosophy to children. A former Fulbright Research Fellow and National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, Wartenberg was the winner of the 2011 APA/PDC Prize for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs and the 2013 Merritt Prize for Distinguished Service to the Philosophy of Education. He is the author of Big Ideas for Little Kids: Teaching Philosophy through Children's Literature (Rowman and Littlefield).