victoria avion w dog
Ethics & the Environment founder

107 Peabody
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T, TH 12:30-2:00 p.m. by appointment
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My primary interests are in ethics, including environmental ethics and feminist ethics, and political philosophy. I have always been interested in issues of power and privilege. This interest has led me to feminist philosophy and environmental ethics.  I am particularly interested how the dynamics of gender, race, and social location impact on people's opportunities.  In feminist philosophy, the key issue has been how issues of gender, race, and class affect women’s opportunities and self-images.  In environmental ethics, issues of power are crucial in determining the quality of people’s environments, as well as issues of which beings are to be treated as having moral worth. My most recent work examines how concepts such as “nature,” and “the natural order,” which are supposed to be describing something that is, are actually being used to justify controversial ethical issues, and why this is highly problematic.

Research Interests:
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Feminist Ethics
  • Political Philosophy
Selected Publications:

“Feminist Perspectives on Global Warming, Genocide, and Card’s Theory of Evil,” in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (2009), Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics (with Bryan Norton) (2007)

"Rolston on Eating, Hunting, and Genetics: One Ecofeminist's View" in Nature, value, duty: life on Earth with Holmes Rolston, III, Christopher J. Preston and Wayne Ouderkirk, eds. (2007)

"A Coming Down to Earth on Cloning: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Homophobia in the Current Debate," in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy (2006)

"Healthcare in the United States: Evil Intentions and Collective Responsibility," in Midwest Studies in Philosophy (2006

"Itch Scratching, Patio Building, and Pesky Flies: Biocentric Individualism Re-Visited," in Environmental Ethics (2006)