Associate Professor -- Kantian Ethics, Biomedical Ethics

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104 Peabody Hall
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Spring 2016 - Mondays & Wednesday 10:30am-11:30am

Melissa Seymour Fahmy (Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington) has a primary research interest in Kantian ethics with particular focus on the duties of love and respect, as well as the intersection of morality and happiness.  Dr. Fahmy also has research and teaching interests in biomedical ethics especially with regard to the ethics of assisted reproduction.  Her paper, “Procreative Responsibility in Assisted and Collaborated Reproduction” she defends a principle of procreative responsibility and its applicability to medical professionals who provide reproductive assistance, gamete brokers, gamete donors, and surrogates.  Her current research project involves developing and defending an interpretation of Kant’s formula of humanity for the purpose of applying this principle to cases that present as exploitation despite consenting parties.


Research Interests:
  • Ethics
  • Kantian Ethics
  • Biomedical Ethics
  • Moral Psychology
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Melissa Seymour Fahmy, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, has been selected as a Center for Teaching & Learning Senior Teaching Fellow.